How Do I Choose an Architect in San Antonio?


When hiring an architect, creativity and reputation are important. But ultimately, experts say it boils down to finding the right personality fit.  Since you will have to work closely with the architect you choose to hire, then there must a “gut feeling” or personality fit between you two.  Architects are creative individuals, so expect a little quirkiness or uniqueness to their personality.  Deepening on your budget, you may choose to go with a large firm or choose a smaller or self employed architect.  Both come with advantages and disadvantages.  Large firm have many design professionals giving lost of input on project and usually charge more for larger overhead.  Small architecture firms usually are able to provide more personal attention and don’t have to charge as much since overhead may be lower (in theory).  There are many ways to find a local architect in today’s modern tech world.  There are the obvious avenues to explore online or you can ask for referrals from your friends, family or co-workers.  You may consider that your architect be registered by the AIA or American Institute of Architects.  The AIA has a long history of requiring that its members adhere to the highest ethical standards.  Regardless of who you decide to interview, just be sure you are able to effectively communicate well and are able to get along with your architect.  This will ensure for a great working relationship and positive project outcome.

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